In the United Methodist Church, we believe baptism incorporates the individual into the Body of Christ, the church. It is a rite of initiation. Baptism provides forgiveness of sin and is a sign of new life through and in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. It begins a process of growth in grace and holiness. We baptize infants and children, as well as adults. We baptize infants because we believe that God’s grace is active before we even know we need God (prevenient grace). Parents do not take the vows in the name of the child. Rather, they profess their own faith and promise to bring the child up in the life of the church until such time as they may choose to make their own profession of faith at confirmation. We also baptize adult believers wishing to become part of the church. We do not re-baptize people because we believe God got it right the first time. In the United Methodist Church we baptize by immersion, pouring of water, or sprinkling, which is the most frequently used method.


Baptisms can be scheduled to take place during either the 8:15 or 9:45 am Sunday worship services. For more information, call Pastor Tim Berlew at 414.453.0700 or email by clicking HERE.